From the Rector – 05/24/2020

“Hasten, slowly.” That was Augustus’ advice to a brash general who was known to rush into battle without proper planning. The Roman emperor knew the value of careful consideration when success and lives were at stake. And this week, we have seen reports of churches that did not take the necessary precautions when reopening. That is why Church of the Ascension is taking time to prepare our people and resources to reduce (not remove) risk of COVID-19 when we open our doors for gathered worship Sunday, May 31 at 8:30 am and 10:30 am.

If you have not yet reviewed our standing practices and expectations for returning to worship at Church of the Ascension, please do so HERE:

We are grateful for those who have volunteered to assist us in our effort to properly prepare our church nave for worshippers as well as those who have offered their resources to enable online livestreaming of our Sunday worship to those who will remain at home for personal safety. We are still needing volunteers for both these tasks, so if you are able and willing, please let us know.

This week, our church office was forced to delay its opening due to widespread storm damage to our computer, wifi, telephone, and fire alarm systems. All have been repaired and the church office will be open after Memorial Day, Monday through Thursday, 9 am – 1 pm until further notice.

This Sunday marks the final week of Easter. The Reverend Lauren Larkin has provided this week’s meditation upon the gospel with our Morning Prayer service available below. I hope you will join me in my prayers of gratitude for her service to Ascension and the school community over the past three years as well as remember her and her family as they return to Colorado to be nearer their family.

With the hope of the Risen Christ,

The Rev'd Joseph Daly
Church of the Ascension
Ascension Episcopal School
Lafayette, Louisiana
Office: 337-232-2732