Morning Prayer Service II – April 19, 2020

Your Junior Warden, Anthony Adams, summed it up well when he recently told me, “We are working twice as hard for half the result.”  Many feel the same.  The extension of the quarantine, the closure of school buildings for the remainder of the semester, and the indeterminate return to any semblance of normal life keeps us all in suspense.  A mental healthcare worker shared with me that people are beginning to feel the tension wearing them down.  Determination and adrenaline can only go so far.   We want to see a sign of hope.

It’s timely that this week’s gospel and Morning Prayer meditation remembers Thomas who wanted to see.  He saw Jesus crucified and, if he indeed lives, he wanted to see.  Christ graciously reveals himself with the caveat, “Blessed are those who have not seen but trust.”

Next week, we will be mailing and emailing a special edition of the parish Tidings newsletter with updates on how Church of the Ascension has been addressing the challenges brought by the coronavirus.  We will be sharing opportunities for online faith formation and fellowship with your clergy and fellow parishioners.  And as we continue to serve Christ and his people during these challenging times, please let us know of any pastoral concern whether by email or telephone.

With the hope of the Risen Lord,

The Rev'd Joseph Daly
Church of the Ascension
Ascension Episcopal School
Lafayette, Louisiana
Office: 337-232-2732