Thanks to everyone who has helped Ascension’s Pygmy Fund grow by purchasing a copy of Remembering Ascension. We are pleased to have had an enthusiastic early reception to the book and look forward to a long line of future readers. Particularly appreciative have been former rectors of Ascension who have enjoyed reminiscing about their time here both by participating in pre-publication interviews and by reading the book.

Interested readers who have not yet picked up their own copies and those who want to purchase some as gifts for others can find them for sale (for $20) at Alexander’s Books, Champagne’s Market, and the church office. Several Ascensionites have bought copies for long time church members who are now home bound and unable to get one for themselves. Others have sent copies to friends who have moved away. Whatever the occasion, Remembering Ascension is now available at these locations.

With your help we will be able to make a substantial contribution to the Batwa tribe of Uganda Pygmies.