Ascension is an Episcopal Church dedicated to our Anglican heritage and identity. We are sacramental, evangelical, and orthodox.

By sacramental, we mean that our life of worship is centered around God’s gracious gifts of Himself through the Eucharist, Baptism, and other signs of His immeasurable love. The Bread and the Cup are offered to all Baptized Christians at least four times a week at Holy Eucharist.

By evangelical, We mean that we take seriously Jesus’ call to obedience, to allowing ourselves to be made in the image of Jesus, who is the image of His Father. We hold the Holy Scriptures to be authoritative in our lives, believing them to be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

By orthodox, we mean that we believe in the essentials of our faith which all Christians have believed at all times. We do not exist in a vacuum. We read the Scriptures through the eyes of the church historical. We cling to the ancient creeds as guide posts for our belief and worship.

Ascension believes that worship is truly God’s gift of drawing us into the life of love among Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. At Ascension, you will find worship without irreverence, liturgy without empty formalism, and peace. You will discover beautiful music which enhances worship, engaging sermons, and a challenge to the life of discipleship to Jesus Christ.