Worship & Service



Acolytes assist in the various worship services by leading processions, carrying banners and torches, lighting candles, and serving at the Holy Table.

St. Margaret Queen of Scots Altar Guild

St. Margaret Queen of Scots Altar Guild is made up of men and women whose function is to serve as the priest’s partners in making the worship life of the parish run smoothly. Members have been called “Ministers of the Body and Blood of Christ”, Their time is spent helping with hospitality, reverence, celebration, and comfort, as well as the weekly polishing of silver and brass, arranging flowers, washing and ironing linens, and setting up Communion for worship services.
Contact person: Clotille and Aubrey Braithwaite


Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers assist the clergy during worship services and with the Eucharist. Their services may include reading the Scriptures from the Episcopal Lectionary, reading the prayers, and administering the chalice. Extensive training and commitment are required.
Contact person: Kathy Knierim


Lectors are trained readers of Scripture and other selected readings for worship services.
Contact person: Kathy Knierim


Ushers play a key role in the smooth running of worship services. They assist in greeting worshipers, offering service leaflets, seating members of the congregation, collecting the offering, and cleaning and arranging the nave before and after services.


Vergers are appointed by the Rector and serve under the direction of the clergy. Their duties include supervising the various worship volunteers, coordinating worship services, and assuming other responsibilities as may be directed by the clergy.
Contact person: Andrew Shenken

Outreach / Inreach

The Olive Branch

The Olive Branch is a ministry of volunteers who seek to stay in touch with and provide gatherings several times a year for parishioners in nursing homes and home bound.

Homebounders’ Communion Services:

  • 2nd Tuesday of each month – 2:00 pm at Rosewood Retirement Community
  • 3rd Thursday of each month – 2:30 pm at Garden View
  • 4th Tuesday of each month – 2:00 pm at Cornerstone Village South

St Martha’s Guild

St. Martha’s Guild is an organization devoted to assisting bereaved parish families by hosting a reception in the Owen Room after a funeral.

Contact person: Mary Attrep

St Hilda’s Guild

Columbarian Committee